Free Printable: DIY Dual Immersion Mandarin-English Teaching Clocks

During homeschooling last year, we used Saxon K Math, which covered some basic clock and time-telling. However, it’s still definitely something we need to review and work on. I made these two teaching clocks to use with Saxon K, but we mainly used the English one last year. Now that the Little Hulk is recognizing Chinese number characters (thank you, Mandarin-Immersion program!), we are definitely going to be using both! There are a few free printable teaching clocks out there, but this 3-page PDF includes the parts to make two clocks, one with Mandarin Chinese characters and the other in English.

DIY Bilingual Mandarin-English Teaching Clocks Free Printable


  • Paper (for a sturdier clock, print on cardstock and laminate all clock parts)
  • 2 Brads (1 for each clock)
  • 1 hole punch (if your hole punch is not long-reaching like mine, I also used an
    X-acto knife to cut out the tiny hole in the center of the clock)
  • Laminator (optional, but really necessary for longevity of the clocks)
  • Velcro sticker sticky dots like these 5/8″ clear round ones on Amazon.
  • Optional: circle punch 1.25″


  1. Download the free printable and print out on paper of choice (cardstock recommended): teaching clocks_Mandarin-English
  2. Laminate (optional) and cut out all the parts
  3. Punch out the holes in the hour and minute hands, and the center of the clock
  4. Attach clock hands using the brads
  5. Affix velcro dots to the white circle spaces on the teaching clocks, and matching velcro dot to the hour circles (#1-12)

Happy learning!


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